Orla Barry   Suky Best   Cleo Broda   Clare Bryan   Michael Buchanan   Lisa Cheung   David Cotterrell   Phil Coy   ascal-Michel Dubois   Peter Dukes   Oona Grimes   Stephen Healy   Sophie Horton   Tom Humphreys   Sophie Lascelles   Lynne Marsh   Lisa Z. Morgan   Mr & Mrs Ivan Morison   Paulette Phillips   Kate Scrivener   Finlay Taylor   Adam Thompson   Shane Waltener and Sarah Woodfine

Museum of Garden History, London

11 July - 31 August 2003


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 Peter Dukes

Peter Dukes An Estranged 2003
digital video (work in progress)


 Paulette Phillips & Michael Buchanan

Paulette Phillips & Michael Buchanan Dogwood Pond 2003
cabinet housing video monitor, mirrors and objects (detail)


 Shane Waltener

Shane Waltener The 26,000 2003
nylon thread (detail) dia. 2m


Clare Bryan

Clare Bryan West Square 20063
cut-out book


 Sophie Lascelles

Sophie Lascelles Hester Smith - She went to retrieve the takings 2003
16 mm film, mixed media


 Finlay Taylor

Finlay Taylor  2003
mixed media


 Kate Scrivener

Kate Scrivener We're not perfect, but we're real 2003
stag antlers, paint, trestle table


 Sophie Horton

Sophie Horton Tender and affectionate 2003
coloured concrete